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Whereas the initial Basics book examined various licensing topics primarily from the perspective of the licensor, or property owner, book two of this series, Basics of Licensing: Licensee Edition, addresses those subjects and more, but this time from the contrasting perspective of the licensee. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the unique considerations and steps a licensee should take in securing a license, developing a licensed product and achieving distribution. Some of the focal points that are addressed include: Selecting the Right License for Your Products; Best Practices in Product Development and Licensing Management; Ethics and Social Compliance and MORE!



Written by Gregory J. Battersby and Danny Simon

Price: $24.95 ($19.95 for LIMA Members)


For each copy sold, Kent will make a donation to the LIMA Charity of Choice: The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation



“Thank you so much for the book—it’s just what I needed at this point. It’s very well written, interesting and understandable…more so than any book I’ve read on licensing. It really ties together what I’ve learned from the LIMA courses and will serve as an excellent reference book…” – Mary Ross, LIMA Certificate of Licensing Studies student



“Terrific book. Easy read, balanced, world-class resource. Most of my strengths and experience were in franchising but this book really helped bring me up to speed on the licensing world in a big way – Red Boswell, *****/



“Where was this book when I entered the licensing industry? Having it then would have saved me time, money and grief. What makes it especially valuable is that it’s not just a comprehensive primer on what you should know before you get into licensing. It contains information and insights, advice and even sample agreements, useful for those who want to insure an ongoing and successful future in the licensing business – Rod Barker, Founder/CEO, The Trail of Painted Ponies

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